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Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Before you get started on designing your dream bathroom make sure you do some research and follow these seven simple rules.

1. Heating and Ventilation – Don’t overlook heating and ventilation. A bathroom needs to be a warm and pleasant environment. Consider adding underfloor heating. It isn’t a huge expense and it helps keep the bathroom tasty and inviting year around.

Don’t skimp on exhaust fans. Buy the best one you can afford and it will pay dividends in the future by keeping excess moisture out of areas where it shouldn’t be. A quality fan will also help keep your mirrors clear from fogging which will save you time in the morning when you are trying to get ready for work.

2. Don’t Use Stone Tiles In Wet Areas – They are more expensive and they need to be sealed which adds to the overall cost. They also need ongoing maintenance, which can be a hassle and unneeded cost as years add up.

3. Bath Location – Don’t put a freestanding bath against a wall or in the corner even if space is tight. By their nature, freestanding baths should be accessible on all sides. Water drops and dust can turn into mold pretty quickly.

4. Bathrooms As Living Space – Don’t underestimate the importance of a bathroom as a place to hang out and relax. Natural light and an area to sit and relax are important additions. Adding the dimension of an integrated sound system is a great option to consider.

5. Pamper Yourself – Consider the additions of a Steam Shower or Sauna. Steam units can be incorporated into new showers for a little over a thousand dollars. They are a great feature that ends up being used almost daily.

The addition of a Sauna is much more expensive but if you are looking for communal dry heat and flashes of steam mixed with the fragrance of cedar this is an option you should consider.

6. Use Quality Hardware and Materials –  Don’t skimp on good-quality faucets, baths, toilets, and basins, as well as a good floor. If you are looking to save money be a smart shopper. Most plumbing supply stores have access to floor models and factory seconds, which can help your budget without sacrificing quality.

7. Hire Experienced Contractors – The success of any project depends mostly on the people you are hiring to do the work. Experience counts and it will save you money by avoiding mistakes. Hire a plumber with a great local track record such as JMS Express Plumbing. Hiring the wrong set of contractors is a certain recipe for disaster. Make sure you check plenty of references and examine photos of past projects.