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Water Leak Repair Beverly Hills

What to do with a burst pipe before plumber Santa Monica arrives?

Instantly you can become frazzled when you get stuck into something like a burst water main. Water spraying everywhere and wreaking havoc with a bit of knowledge on your place. You can save yourself from alarming situations and handle your water main confidently. Before we discuss the proper action plan for water leakage, you should know your priority: Call plumber Santa Monica! Calling the plumber will be your first step to protect yourself from extensive water damage.
Now that professional help is on the way, you are ready to jump into your action plan to handle the burst water immediate emergency. Shut off the water should be the first thought and action to take.

First, Find the Main Water Shut Off Valve

When you experience a burst water main issue, and now you are handling all over the place looking for the dang shut-off valve. You check the basement, crawl spaces, and around the water heater. Is the main water shut-off valve even inside the house or outside? Maybe it’s under that metal lid thingy near your street. Don’t get frazzled. Now is an excellent time to find out the location before emergency plumber Santa Monica arrives at your place. That one bit of information can help you handle burst water main with confidence.

Drain-All the Faucets to Help the Water Main Burst  

The next step in central water repair is to drain all faucets. Most water main bursts take place in winter as water freezes and expand inside the pipes. When you remove the extra water from the plumbing system, you relieve extra pressure, especially if the water has a chance to freeze.
Turn on the cold water faucets and remove the extra water from the pipes. Don’t neglect the toilets. Think of toilets as cold water shut-off valves that need to be drained and flushing various times.

Next, Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater and Drain the Hot Taps

After tapping the cold water faucets, turn off the water heater and drain the hot taps. Also, letting warm air in can help circulate your water pipes. You could turn up the thermostat or even direct a hairdryer on a line that is frozen.

Now Clean Up the Mess of Water Main Damage

Now that the water primary repair emergency is contained, your natural inclination will be to clean up space. You can get the mop out and put all your items back in place.

Immediate help from plumber Santa Monica

If you think you need immediate assistance with the right equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out to JMS Express Plumbing. We’ll let you know if this approach is suitable for your needs.
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